six times book - App

Track your personal objectives regularly during the day. Designed to become a happy person.

Six times book aids as a personal coach by helping you tracking and commenting your personal objectives six times a day. You can carry it around in your pocket and it will remind you discretely and regularly on your good intentions by sending a notification. Since your notes may contain sensitive and medical information, the privacy will be sufficiently ensured by a password protection and all your data will remain "for your eyes only".
You can edit the list of intentions and the app repeats asking you how you are doing at one intention with the achievement at fixed times also adjustable for the optimum adaption to your daily routine.

Key features



When you add an entry whereby you may pick a subject from the subset which appears on this daily cycle, you may classify them as

"+": Entries which are beneficial for fulfilling the objective
"+": Entries which are beneficial for fulfilling the objective
"-": Entries which show that there is potential for improvement in this point
"to do": Plans you add helping to compensate negative entries
"gratitude": How you appreciate what other people have done for you, even if it was their job. To notice this instead of taking everything for granted will make you a happier person.
"karmic": Plans for this day in helping others based on the natural principle that everything you put out comes back to you like an echo.

You may also add elements for daily summary by picking any active list element and classify it a "best thing" or "worst thing" of this day.


You may review the history of entries. Just select a day and the subjects and entries will be listed.


Here is a list of all the points you classified before as "to do". You may checkmark them as "done" when you click on them


Virtues /Vows

You will see the list of personal intentions, virtues and vows. If you mark them as checked, they will be asked cyclically. You may also edit the list which allows you to add or delete elements.


You may edit the times to adapt them to your daily routine.


You may change your password

Explanation of the logo: The feather symbolizes the feather of Ma 'at used here as a quill for the book. According to the belief of ancient Egypt, your soul / heart must be always lighter than this feather if you want to get to heaven. We wish you that and an always easy heart!

The app was inspired by the paper version of the 6x book © of Geshe Michael Roach and World Monitor Pte Ltd. ( and by the teachings of Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Marut (a.k.a. Prof. em. Dr. Brian K. Smith) ( and the Asian Classics Institute (

The basic idea was to be able to track your spiritual every day. The vows of the Bodhisattva are the most comprehensive and beautiful set of personal objectives and will help you to create a better self and become happy and eventually holy by living the gospel. It is derived from advice from the Buddha himself passed on in the Mahayana Buddhism. Please check them yourself if they will classify the person you would like to be.

The initial setup of this app is focused on your inner development with a list of the 10 virtues helping you to create happiness and bliss. You may of course create your own list of personal goals or supplement the existing as for example. quit smoking, reduce TV, avoid sweets or alcohol, daily workout etc.

Here is a fast explanation of the 10 predefined base virtue elements and their karmic effects (echo). For deeper explanation, please check their definitions or the links given above.

  1. Respecting life / Killing
    Did you respect the life of yourself and others or did you violate it ignoring the needs of your own body (e.g. enough sleep, intoxicants) or killing a sentient being even as small as an insect? Were animals tortured and killed for you for food or lesser reason? Did you help and care for the bodies of others?
    Effects: Your own health
  2. Generosity (respecting other's property) / Stealing
    Did you give something to others generously or did you take something which didn't belong to you or wasted resources others also needed?
    Effects: Your prosperity
  3. Sexual purity (honoring relationships) / Sexual Misconduct. Did you respect the relationships of others or did you flirt with and desire the partners of others?
    Effects: Your own personal relationships will be respected by others and improve.
  4. Kind words / Harsh words
    Did you speak gently to people or did you nag someone, shout or yell at someone?
    Effects: Hearing pleasant things from others and environment
  5. Speaking the truth / Lying
    Effects: Being respected as a trustworthy person versus being cheated
  6. Speaking to bring people together / Divisive speech
    Do you bring about friendship and unity among the people or do you spend your time in telling people bad things about others thus destroying their relationships?
    Effects: You will have reliable friends yourself
  7. Meaningful Talk / Idle Talk
    Do you like gossiping about the problems of others when talking, in the news and shows or do you want to get information to enable you helping others?
    Effects: Others stop gossiping about you and things you hope for will be ready in time.
  8. Being satisfied ( with what you have ) / Coveting
    Do you always want more even if you just got yourself the latest toy or are you able to enjoy your achievements at least for some time? Can you appreciate your partner, friends, things etc.?
    Effects: You will enjoy life instead of being constantly dissatisfied.
  9. Good will and rejoicing / Ill will
    Are you happy about the achievements of others and sorry for their problems or are you jealous and find malicious joy?
    Effects: People are glad for your luck which will increase
  10. Correct world view / Wrong view
    Are you honest with yourself or do you ignorantly believe that nobody including yourself will notice your transgressions?
    Effects: Your intelligence and wisdom will increase

Created by Luca Zidane Bartl (Email)